Taking Easy STD Testing Can Save Your Life!

STDs are infections that can easily be acquired through sexual activity, the risk increases when you have multiple sex partners and by how often you have sex. An STD infection may not be as visible as other human infections, it does now have distinct or life threatening symptoms as well. STDs can manifest with light symptoms, and sometimes, it shows no symptoms at all. But total abstinence of any sexual activities does not close the door of possibility of acquiring an infection. STDs can also be acquired through exchange of body fluids and direct contact to the sore or discharge of an infected person STD Test Singapore.

STD can only be surely detected through STD tests in hospitals or known STD clinics. STD tests are not conducted without the consent of the patient; it is not included in any general check-ups or annual check-ups. You should not trust self-testing kits online or over the counter because these may lead to a wrong reading or false result that can lead you to believe that you are not infected. STDs are best when treated early, but when it is delayed and given enough time to spread and damage, this can lead to severe irreversible damages in the body and complicated medical conditions. Time is the best defense against STD infection, if you suspect that you are infected, has yourself undergo easy STD testing to confirm and get treated right away.

STD can be avoided through total abstinence of sexual activity. But as we all know, abstinence is not that easy to do, so the alternative regimen is to use protection such as condoms to avoid an infection through sexual activity, whether it is vaginal, oral, or anal sex, protection is a must.

If you are sexually active, you should be responsible enough to submit yourself for STD testing regularly, especially if you have multiple sex partners. Having tested regularly does not only benefit yourself for detecting an infection, this way you can also protect your loved ones from getting infected or exposed to the disease as a simple exposure to your sore or discharge can pass on the infection to them. This will also protect other people, your sex partners from getting the infection and possibly spreading it. Regular check-up for STD can also promote early detecting even if you are asymptomatic for STD, early detection can make the management of the infection easier and less expensive, as well as protecting yourself from further complications brought about by the STD.

STD testing should be a part of the lifestyle of sexually active individuals; it should be taken as self protection and as a social responsibility to avoid spreading the infection by infecting other people. If you have the slightest suspicion of a recent contact with an infected individual or see and feel any symptom of STD such as abnormal discharges, pain in sexual intercourse, burning itchy feeling in urination, etc., whether mild or not, you should have yourself tested and treated right away.

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