any propensities towards exaggerating

Moreover, we should be exceptionally mindful of any propensities towards exaggerating and overstating a specific needs and wants. We should get down on our officials and administrators and advise them that they work for us and that the reason for their responsibility is to administer ‘for the individuals’ and not ‘for their own plans and benefactors’. It is critical that we as a whole verify that our voices are heard…individually and by and large. To remain quiet is to give endorsement.

We are entering another period and, in the United States, the dynamic is to some degree like what occurred after the presidential appointment of 1980. As I wrote in my article around 2016, a 9 Universal Year, the numerology reading last presidential political decision held in the US in a 9 Universal Year was 1980 and that gave us Reagan and the resulting 36 years of the endeavored, and now and then effective destroying of specialist assurances, guidelines, and the social wellbeing net that so many depend upon while expanding the intensity of organizations and military-related businesses. 1980 was a 18/9 Universal Year and 2016 was a 9 Universal Year, so there are a few contrasts in the general energy that was worked out. What was comparable was the basic 9 energy. In this way, all things considered, we should practice incredible alert and we should consider our chiefs responsible as we push ahead. On the off chance that we are not cautious, America could take another hard go to one side and our nation as we right now realize it could be drastically adjusted.

The twentieth century was loaded up with 19/1 Universal Years with just 1900 being a 10/1, the start of another century. So far in the 21st century, we have had one 10/1 Year, 2008. What’s more, presently, we have our second with 2017. Looking forward, we have a 10/1 Universal Year happening again in 2026, 2035, 2044, 2053, 2062, 2071, and 2080. For the initial eighty years of this first 50 years, the world will have a momentary/groundbreaking year at regular intervals. Maybe the Universe is allowing us a chance to consistently reset until we get to where we should be. 10 is a Karmic number and it identifies with an encounter that has been picked on the way and it can’t be dodged.